effective agile.

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effective agile. believes that  agile is more than just working in iterations, doing a daily standup or writing a unit test after the fact.

effective agile. believes that people are the most important part of a successful project and that we should focus on ways to enable them.

effective agile. believes that the world of knowledge workers is changing faster than ever. Only by harnessing the skills of each individual and giving them trust, technology companies will be able to survive.

effective agile. believes that we have to address our current believe system and that we need to challenge everything.

Ralph and I have worked together on Scrum over the last several years. I can highly recommend him to anyone who wants to apply Scrum to gain agility. He is knowledgeable both in management practices, as well in the best ways for developers to work within a Scrum environment.

   -- Ken Schwaber, Inventor of Scrum, Scrum.org